Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn in Montseny mountain

Cycling Montseny
Narrow road, leaves aside
Cycling Montseny
Hidden among the trees
Cycling Montseny
Autumn in Montseny
(Pictures Sergi Ros de Mora)
Montseny mountain is really close to Barcelona. You can reach it from the big city and also from the Barcelona north coast and also from the Costa Brava. The  highest elevation of Montseny is Turo de l'Home, at 1700 meters. One of the steepest roads in whole Catalonia, a real challenge for strong cyclists, if you are thinking of a cycling vacation. But no need to climb up to the top. You can reach Coll Formic or Santa Fe del Montseny. Solitaire roads climbing the mountain in which you can enjoy incredible landscapes, specially in autumn. Can you believe that picture at the beginning? No trick, no photoshop. A good shot no doubt, but leaves were there, the road was there, the light was that. Would you like to ride up there? Montefusco Cycling is providing top quality bikes for your cycling vacation in Catalonia.