Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Travelling with panniers in carbon road bikes

Panniers in our carbon bikes (Montefusco Cycling)
Our Topeak bags

We all know that travelling with panniers may become a problem when riding a carbon road bike.
Normally panniers are supported on the bike frame, and heavy weight could fracture a carbon frame.
Aluminium frames have not the same problem, as they can support much more weight.
We know that it is very usual to travel with panniers during cycling season. It gives you total freedom, no need to do round trips, no need to come back for some luggage, no need of a supporting van.

Bike rack attached to saddle tube (Montefusco Cycling)
Bike rack attached to saddle tube
In Montefusco Cycling we can offer a bike rack and panniers for carbon frames (we just have carbon frames!). As you can see in the picture, our bikerack is attached to saddle tube, and so frame is not supporting any weight. Obviously, this rack and panniers cannot be very heavy, but allows up to 10 kg weight, more than enough for, let's say, a week travelling on your bike.