Saturday, January 20, 2018

Game of Thrones and cycling: welcome to Catalonia

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series on TV, if not the most.

Possibly all of you know that Catalonia is the location of the sixth season of Game of Thrones.
One of the most impressive locations is Santa Florentina Castle, in Canet de Mar. It is also very close to NII, a very popular road for cyclists and triathletes coming from Barcelona. Flat and fast one. Then, it is very easy to get to Canet the Mar from Barcelona, just following that big and nice road.
Game of Thrones and cycling
Castell de Santa Florentina (Canet de Mar)
Of course, another very popular location is Girona Cathedral. The impressive stairs just in front of the main entrance are very famous not just for the series!
As you know, Girona is a very popular cycling destination in Spain (also living town of many professional riders), then cycling around Girona and taking a picture in front of Girona Cathedral is a must!

Will you join us to discover those locations?
Game of Thrones and cycling
Catedral de Girona

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Turó de l'Home, one of the king climbs in Barcelona

Roadcycling in Montseny Barcelona
Tiny cyclists at the top of Turó de l'Home (Picture by @rosdemora)
Montseny mountains are really close to Barcelona. You can reach them in about 50 km. Once in Sant Celoni (the starting point of many of the climbs) then you can choose several roads:

1) Turó de l'Home. This is the king climb in Montseny. Reaching 1700 mts height, the climb is 25 km long with very steep parts, specially arriving to the summit.
Detailed numbers for Turo de l'Home
2) Santa fe del Montseny. Spectacular road also 25 km long reaching 1300 mts. Specially on working days there is no traffic at all, perfect for cycling!

3) Coll Formic. One of my personal favourites. A scenic, sunny road, you can climb it even in winter, reaching 1145 mts. Mild climb most of the 26 km, but last 9 km are a bit steeper. A real first category climb.

4) Coll de Ravell. Between Montseny and Guilleries, this is also one of the solitaire roads you can ride when touching Mounmseny mountains. Really worth!
Roadcycling in Montseny Barcelona
Great views reaching the top of Turó de l'Home (Picture by @rosdemora)
Roadcycling in Montseny Barcelona
Long, steep and beautiful climb. Picture by @rosdemora
No doubt that Turó de l'Home is one of the highlights if you are in Barcelona and you are into cycling. A real challenge!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mont Caro, a killer climb in southern Catalonia

Roadcycling in Catalonia with Montefusco Cycling
The sun is always shining at Mont Caro (Picture by @rosdemora)
Mont Caro is one of those long and steep climbs that you should do once in your life. The sunny, and often windy, southern Catalonia offers you this killer climb, with amazing views from the top. Reaching just 1013 mts height, but including some passages over 12 and 13%. A real challenge for mountain lovers.
Roadcycling in Catalonia with Montefusco Cycling
Spectacular view of the switchbacks (Picture by @rosdemora)
Mont Caro has been stage ending in Volta a Catalonia years 1985 (victory for the colombian Alirio Chizabas), 1991 (stage win for the also colombian Lucho Herrera), and 2017 (winner Alejandro Valverde). This is not a pass between valleys, but a road leading to a radio/tv antena, then it has to be stage ending.

Mont Caro profile
The numbers, the gradients, the steepness
Roadcycling in Catalonia with Montefusco Cycling
Last part of the climb in not very good shape! Picture by @rosdemora