Sunday, December 27, 2015

Road bike rental for triathlons in Barcelona

If you are going to participate in a duathlon or a triathlon in Barcelona, Calella or nearby, and you come from abroad, no need to send your bike by plane, avoid costs and troubles by renting your carbon road bike in Montefusco Cycling.

We will deliver a carbon road bike at your hotel and you won't have to trouble of anythinig except the competition. We can provide the bikes with the pedal system you need and if it is a flat stage we can also put some armrest to increase your aerodynamic. The best prices in road bike rental in Barcelona.

The options in Barcelona and Catalunya to race are many. You need to select one of the many options you will find.

Here we mention the most popular triathlons in Catalonia:
Ironman Barcelona 70.3  Calella
Garmin Barcelona Triathlon, Barcelona
Skoda Triathlon series Tarragona
Skoda Triathlon Series Gava
Ironman Barcelona

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why cycling is not incompatible with the best hotels.

Road cycling in Catalonia with Montefusco Cycling
Xalet La Coromina in Viladrau
There is an extended opinion that most of cyclists just need a very basic hotel for their cycling trips. If you are travelling to Catalonia to do some cycling, we can help you with any service you may need: route design (according to your needs), luggage transportation, hotel bookings, supporting car, etc. But the hotels we collaborate with are not basic hotels. Nothing to do with that.

Road cycling in Catalonia with Montefusco Cycling
Gran Hotel Havana in Barcelona


In Montefusco Cycling we are proud of colaborating with the best hotels in the area. They are not basic hotels, definitely. They are hotels which you will enjoy your stay the same (o more) as your cycling trip. Once you get to your destination point you will be able to relax in a centric hotel (where possible!), with spa facilities, massage, etc. Food is obviously another key factor in our hotel selection. Long and tough stages need also some good food the night before!

Road cycling in Catalonia with Montefusco Cycling
Balneari Vichy Catalan in Caldes de Malavella

Our experience during many years of cycling means a deep knowledge of catalan geography and supernice hidden hotels and special places to be. Old farmhouses converted into guest trendy houses, historic buildings with large luxury rooms, ancient hotsprings become spa resorts.

Our cycling trips are not only cycling trips.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Things to do in your Barcelona cruise stop? Road Cycling!

Cruise stop activity in Barcelona
Let's go!! Our starting point, just beside the ship!

Barcelona has become one of the most popular cruise destinations all over the world. No need to say that Barcelona is one of the highlights in mediterranean cruises. Figures are huge, and growing!

Road cycling in Barcelona
At Sagrada Familia, probably the most famous place in Barcelona!
Let us suggest one of the best things you can do in Barcelona in a cruise stop if you are a sportsman/sportswoman. What do you think about discovering Barcelona from a different prospective, upon a bicycle? At the same time we can do a demanding route (about 60-80 km with 3-4 climbs). Not an easy route, indeed. But in this private tour we will lead you to the best roads close to Barcelona, in the countryside, and getting the best views over the city. All this at your own pace, we will adapt speed to your abilities, and being a private tour you won't have to be faster or slower than needed.

Barcelona is a large city, so we highly recommend to do this guided route, much more than trying to do it on your own. We will show you the best routes nearbby and the best way of getting out of the city.

Road cycling in Barcelona
Stop at Park Güell
In our tour we will show you iconic places, as Tibidabo mountain (the highlight of our trip!), or Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell or Hospital de Sant Pau (all of them, modernist works), but also the Olimpic Stadium in Montjuic or the FC Barcelona Stadium. Being a demanding route, when we go back to Barcelona our guide will lead you to the places you most would like to visit. Cycling in Barcelona is the best (and fastest) way to transport yourself. Cycling in Barcelona is great!

Our tour includes the carbon bike rental (you just need to bring your cycling shoes, although we can also provide some strapless toeclip pedals if you just brought your sneakers), the private guided tour, and also pick up/drop off at your dock, so we will begin cycling straight away! No need to worry about anything else but enjoying your day at Barcelona!
Road cycling in Barcelona
The highlight of our ride: Tibidabo church!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bike rental for Gran Fondo Barcelona 2016

bike rental GF Barcelona 2016
GF Barcelona 2016
On 2016 April 3rd will take place Gran Fondo Barcelona, the cyclosportive that has replaced Gran Fondo New York Barcelona, which was held on 2015.

The route and the spirit is the same: this is not a very demanding route with some not that steep climbs and some nice and solitaire roads among vineyards. Instead of 2 choices, riders must complete de 140 km long route. Hilly terrain.

bike rental Barcelona with Montefusco Cycling
Some customers at the end of GF New Your Barcelona 2015
If you are going to participate in GF Barcelona we can help you with a carbon bike rental, hotel arrangement or even guiding routes some days before. You just let us know what you would like to do and we will make it real!

All our bikes are 2015 models, full carbon, Shimano 105, compact crank 34-50 and 11 speed. Models BH Prisma and Orbea Avant M30.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Guided cycling tour in Barcelona

Let us introduce our private guided tours around Barcelona.
Much better than explaining all we can offer, just please have a look to a video that recorded one of our customers. This is just the beginning, cycling along the bike lane beside river Besos, north side of Barcelona, the best way of getting out of the city...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Amazing cycling in Catalonia: Barcelona-Girona in 6 stages

 Barcelona-Girona in 6 stages   

1)  Barcelona-Calella 83 km It is a stage to get closer the Costa Brava. Flat road beside the sea. There are different choices if some group wants to get this stage longer or tougher: instead of leading straight to Calella, get a small nice hilly road in Mataró towards Arenys de Munt and Sant Pol de Mar. After that, back to the main road NII leading to Calella.
barcelona calella b.jpg

2)   Calella-Caldes de Malavella 80 km 

One of the nicest roads you can cycle in whole Catalonia is the one from Tossa de Mar to Sant Feliu de Guixols. It is time to enjoy landscape, views, weather… cycling. Once in Sant Feliu de Guixols we will lead to Santa Cristina d’Aro and afterwards to Romanyà. Finally, a crossroad leading to Llagostera will put you in the right direction to Caldes de Malavella.
calella caldes b.jpg

3)   Caldes de Malavella-L’Escala 77 km. Few miles after the start begins the climb of the day, a beautiful, solitaire and not very steep climb named Santa Pellaia. After the descent towards La Bisbal we will cycle through not very crowded roads, and then a stop in Peretallada is worth. Old and touristic town, cars are not allowed to pass and lots of restaurants and shops welcome the tourists. After Peretallada we will continue through Torroella de Montgrí till L’Escala.
caldes lescala b.jpg

4)   L’Escala-Figueres 53 km A shorter stage for those who are not that strong, but this stage can be much longer and tougher if needed.  A possibility would be going from Roses to Alt de Perafita and stop in Cadaqués, where genious Salvador Dalí lived. Steep climb to the Monestry of San Pere de Rodes is also possible. Nice aerial views from there to Port de la Seva and Costa Brava. This area maybe windy, with the so named, tramuntana wind, very strong if it blows. Figueres is a must, with the Museum dedicated to Salvador Dalí.

lescala figueres b.jpg

5)   Figueres-Olot 64 km Going out from Figueres through N260 is a quick way out. Wide road leading Besalú that you will leave direction Esponellà and Banyoles. It is worth, the visit of Banyoles, the village beside the famous lake, where a lot of triathlon competitions take place. A good place to stop and enjoy the place. Afterwards there are severals climbs, not very steep, to get some height reaching finally Olot at 440 meters height.
figueres olot b.jpg

6)   Olot-Girona 55 km. This is also a quite short stage, mostly in descent. It is a quite wide road C-63 till getting the crossroad in Sant Feliu de Pallerols to a more narrow road leading to Girona. If you like steep climbs, there is a very good option from Olot and Sant Esteve de’n Bas, this is the climb to Coll de Bracons, challenging climb with nice overviews of the valley at the top. It is really worth. Afterwards it is possible to go back and follow the normal suggested stage.

olot girona b.jpg

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Getaway from Barcelona to the Pyrenees, amazing climb to 2000 mts!

Cycling Pyrenees with Montefusco Cycling
Just you, the bicycle, some animals and trees
Cycling Pyrenees with Montefusco Cycling
Supporting car for cyclists
Cycling Pyrenees with Montefusco Cycling
Time to enjoy
Cycling Pyrenees with Montefusco Cycling
At the top of the world
Cycling Pyrenees with Montefusco Cycling
So tiny and the mountains so huge
You won't believe we are that close to Barcelona. In just two hours train/1 hour drive we will be in a small village at the foot of Pyrenees. Climb a first category col, reaching 2000 mts height and afterwards a long, nice and safe descent to the starting point. All in all, just 90 km loop. Amazing, unforgettable.
Available just from June to September, depending on weather forecast!
More information and prices here.
Cycling Pyrenees from Barcelona
Happy customers at the top of the climb!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cycling gastro tour of Basque Country

Gastronomic Tour in Basque Country
Cycling, drinking, good food... Fun!
One of our specialities is putting together great cycling rides with the best hotels and restaurants experiences. We can fully customize cycling tours adapting to our customers needs.

Gastronomic Tour in Basque Country
Amazing landscapes, solitaire roads

Of course we can do that in Catalonia, our home, but also we can do it in Basque Country, one of the leading destinations when talking about the best food all over the world. No wonder in Basque Country are 3 restaurants in top 100 restaurants in the world (year 2015): Arzak, Berasategui and Mugaritz.

Gastronomic Tour in Basque Country
Vineyards in La Rioja
But that's not all. Basque Country means good food even in not that famous restaurants. Some "pintxos" on San Sebastian old town are not to be missed, driking some "zuritos" (small glass of beer). Also worth a visit the local restaurants called "Sidrerías", manufacturers of Cider (Sidra), where you can have a fantastic menu based on cod omelette, "churrasco". No chance to have different food! Any other local drinks? Of course, taste Txakolí, the low alcohol, slightly efervescent regional white wine.

Gastronomic Tour in Basque Country
Grapes about to be collected
And what about wine? In our trips we also include a visit to "La Rioja alavesa". Demanding climbs as La Herrera ("Rioja balcony") can also be included in the stages. But also easy roads, rolling hills to enjoy solitaire roads among the vineyards. In the evening we include some visit to the best wineries.

Day 1 Arrival to Hondarribia. Dinner at San Sebastian
Day 2 Hondarribia-Hondarribia 98 km (climbing Jaizkibel). Dinner at Arzak/Mugaritz
Day 3 Transfer by car to Alsasua, Alsasua-Elciego 94 km Dinner at Laguardia
Day 4 Elciego-Elciego 63 km (climbing La Herrera) Dinner at Elciego
Day 5 Transfer to Irurzun, Irurzun-Mugaire 65 km. Lunch at Venta de Ultzama

In this program you will be able to enjoy many different landscapes. From the coastal roads close to San Sebastian (the climb to Jaizkibel cannot be missed), to the woods in Navarra, and also small roads among vineyards in La Rioja. 

A unique experience. 

Here you can read some of the reviews of our customers doing this trip:
"I contacted Claudio to arrange a 4 day cycling tour in the Basque. We were four couples with different cycling experiences and were interested in cycling, experiencing the local culture, especially the food and wine. I sent Claudio an article from Bon Appetite describing a 3 day trip, eating and drinking in the Basque. His immediate response and enthusiasm for helping put together a wonderful experience was amazing. Hotels, restaurants, arrival pick up, cycling stages, transfers, dinners and lunches were are carefully thought out. It is not an easy task to move 8 people, luggage, and bikes thru four days! That said, I must comment on the cycling...we received kits, bike fitting (great bikes) tee shirts and hats. All four stages were printed out with distance and climbing gradients so we knew what to expect. Always Claudio, or Jon, our Basque connection and expert cyclist, as well Andoni, who drove our sag and made delicious lunches as well as captured amazing moments with his camera for us. To say this trip was incredible does not describe its entirety. The terrain alone is worth the visit! More beautiful than Tuscany...uncanny light and beautiful vistas. Each days stage was planned to see the most beautiful views in the Basque. We ended our trip with a lunch at a local restaurant that served a traditional Basque meal with the wines and a unique dessert local to the region. Toasting each other's accomplishments, exchanging gifts and laughs and promising to ride again with these guys! Spectacular trip....every detail, however minor, was well attended, even chamois cream and an adapter! Thank you, Claudio, Jon and Andoni!

"My wife and I joined 3 other couples from the US to cycle Basque Country for four days. What an amazing time we had cycling and enjoying all the local culture! If you are considering a cycle trip in Spain, look no further than Claudio at Montefusco Cycling. The 8 of us converged in Hondarribia from various areas where Claudio, Jon, and Andoni transferred us to our first hotel. Every detail of the trip was well planned from the set-up of our bikes and route planning to guided tours of notable areas and restaurants in the region. The scenery we experienced was truly amazing as we were guided by Jon who was our expert ride leader. The routes were well planned with Andoni greeting us after a challenging section with a SAG van for a wonderful lunch. In between the SAG stops Andoni (a professional photographer) documented our journey with photographs that will be cherished. Thank you Claudio, Jon, and Andoni for producing an exceptional cycling experience in Basque and creating memories of a lifetime!"
"We recently made a tour in the Basque region of Spain with Montefusco Cycling which far exceeded our expectations. Most of the riders were very experienced and looking to do some serious climbing, my wife and I were new to this but in pretty good shape. Claudio and his team provided us with a beautiful and challenging (to say the least) collection of rides. At all times we felt safe and at every stop we were treated with provisions including much needed energy supplements. The hotels were great but Claudio, Jon and Adoni made the trip. Jon was the local expert and Adoni is a professional photographer who not only drove the support van but provided us with a collection of incredible photographs of our week.
If you want a safe, uncrowded, beautiful cycle trip in a place with fantastic views, excellent food and a good time with some great guides I cannot give a higher recommendation than one for Montefusco. If you are thinking of such a trip, in the words of Jon (incredible cyclist) at every stop "Let's GO."

Gastronomic Tour in Basque Country
Amazing restaurants in Basque Country

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bike rental and private guided tours from Castelldefels and Gava Mar (Barcelona)

Cycling in Castelldefels with Montefusco Cycling
Nice views climbing the steep Rat Penat
We are proud of offering also private tours from Castelldefels and Gava Mar, southern coast of Barcelona. Our guided tours include carbon road bike rental, pick up and drop off at your hotel, and guided tour about 80 km long.

From Castelldefels and Gava Mar we can lead to many interesting places and roads, all of them very enjoyable for cycling! Nevertheless, being a coastal town, close to Barcelona, there are many busy roads nearby, so we highly recommend our guided tours, which will lead you to best reads avoiding many fast, busy, dangerous roads.
Cycling with Montefusco Cycling is just about enjoying!
Rat Penat climb

In our tours we will lead to the mountains nearby and will adjust length to your skills. Road to Begues is a nice climb, but if you really want to try a challenge, then let's go for Rat Penat climb. Steep, very steep, with some parts over 23%! Rat Penat was included in Vuelta a España route years 2010 and 2013. See the profile and also images in following video.

Do you want to try?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cycling around Montserrat (Barcelona)

Cycling Montserrat by Montefusco Cycling
Amazing views in Montserrat
Cycling in Montserrat mountain is an amazing experience. Not to be missed if you visit Barcelona and love cycling. Our tours include many km of solitaire roads from where you can see the holy mountain from different points of view. You can choose between a short but demanding stage climbing twice to the Monastry of Montserrat (50 km), or a longer and more demanding stage with another additional climb (80 km). There is not a flat meter, always climbing or descending, with great views. Final destination is always the Monastry of Montserrat, where you will be able to visit the Abbey and the small black virgin image inside.

Cycling Montserrat by Montefusco Cycling
The best views
Cycling in Montserrat with Montefusco Cycling
Solitaire roads to enjoy cycling
We can also pick you up at your hotel in Barcelona, to the starting point, and dropp you off when the ride is finished. So you can avoid cycling in busy roads from Barcelona to Montserrat. More options are lunch after ride in a local restaurant, supporting van, professional pictures, etc.

Cycling Montserrat by Montefusco Cycling
Cycling in Montserrat, such an experience!
Our guides will lead you to the best roads nearby and will also explain you the most interesting things about this holy place for catalan people, center of catalan feeling and spirituality.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Travelling with panniers in carbon road bikes

Panniers in our carbon bikes (Montefusco Cycling)
Our Topeak bags

We all know that travelling with panniers may become a problem when riding a carbon road bike.
Normally panniers are supported on the bike frame, and heavy weight could fracture a carbon frame.
Aluminium frames have not the same problem, as they can support much more weight.
We know that it is very usual to travel with panniers during cycling season. It gives you total freedom, no need to do round trips, no need to come back for some luggage, no need of a supporting van.

Bike rack attached to saddle tube (Montefusco Cycling)
Bike rack attached to saddle tube
In Montefusco Cycling we can offer a bike rack and panniers for carbon frames (we just have carbon frames!). As you can see in the picture, our bikerack is attached to saddle tube, and so frame is not supporting any weight. Obviously, this rack and panniers cannot be very heavy, but allows up to 10 kg weight, more than enough for, let's say, a week travelling on your bike.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From Barcelona city to Col du Tourmalet

Barcelona Tourmalet by Montefusco Cycling
Mythical Tourmalet
This is a very special trip. An experience you will enjoy just once in your life.
You will be able to put together one of the most touristic cities in the world, Barcelona, with the most known cycling climb all over the world. Cycling history has been written in Col de Tourmalet, and also in other cols you will climb in this adventure.

We will make you to enjoy this trip. Do not worry about any other thing but cycling.
Our guide will lead you to the nicest roads, and your goal is reaching Col du Tourmalet 7 days and 13 cols after we began in Barcelona. Our van will transport your luggage, and you will have it at the end of every stage.

If you are a cycling club or some friends wanting to do the same tour selfguided, or in other dates, just let us know. We can even customize stages. Do noy hesitate, and join us in this adventure.

Stage 1: Barcelona-Viladrau. About 100 km to get out of Barcelona taking the bike lane beside river Besos, and afterwards leading to Montseny area, where you will climb the nicest col in the area: Coll Formic. Solitaire road, great views, ideal for cycling.

Barcelona Tourmalet by Montefusco Cycling
Coll Formic, unknown but fantastic!
Stage 2: Viladrau-Ripoll. After crossing Les Guilleries range of mountains, you will lead to Coll de Condreu, leaving behind one of the nicest villages in Catalunya: Rupit. Afterwards you will get the vulcanic area of La Garrotxa and its capital Olot. In Olot begins the second important climb of the day: Coll de Canes.

Stage 3: Ripoll-Puigcerdà. Today you will climb a precious col, not very known, although Volta a Catalunya pro race has been there several times. Coll de la Creueta, an espectacular mountain road with great views. Afterwards we will get to Collada de Toses, a long, beautiful and not very steep climb. Arrival to Puigcerdà, capital of Cerdanya area. We are already in the Pyrenees.

Stage 4: Puigcerdà-La Seu d'Urgell. This is not a very long stage, but it is really challenging. The goal is reaching Port d'Envalira, 2407 mts, the  highest asphalted pass of whole Pyrenees (understanding pass as a climb between two valleys, not a "cul de sac" climb). Long and fast descent to Andorra, the buyers paradise, and arrival at La Seu d'Urgell.

Barcelona Tourmalet by Montefusco Cycling
Coll de Cantó, long, steep, ... spectacular
Stage 5: La Seu d'Urgell-Esterri d'Aneu. It is not definitely a rest stage, although just one first category climb could be a kind of. Coll de Cantó is a tough climb, but once at the top, the main difficulties are done. Once in the valley you will cross Sort town (translation: "Luck"). Maybe it is worth stopping to buy some lottery?

Barcelona Tourmalet by Montefusco Cycling
Port de la Bonaigua, Pyrenees...
Stage 6: Esterri d'Aneu-Bagneres de Luchon. Two very different but both demanding climbs: La Bonaigua is a long ascent, over 2000 mts high, long but steep. Portillon is the pass connecting Spain to France, short and very steep. Arrival to France. We are getting closer the final challenge.

Stage 7: Bagneres de Luchon-Tourmalet. Just 77 km, but such an epic stage. History of Tour de France was written here. The trilogy Peyresourde-Aspin-Tourmalet has been a classic in Tour de France. Tourmalet is the final destination of our trip, the final challenge. After reaching the summit you can descend by bike or in the van, as you already got the end of the trip. This night you will sleep again in Bagneres de Luchon where you can have a relaxing bath in the thermal baths of the town. Deserved.
Last Day. Come back to Barcelona. About 5 hours drive to Barcelona. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Customer experience in Montefusco Cycling

Enjoy cycling in Catalonia with Montefusco Cycling
Leading the group
Mare de Deu del Mont, in Girona
"We contacted Claudio at Montefusco Cycling for a 6 day guided tour out of Barcelona.  He exceeded our expectations in every way and left each of us regarding this vacation as one of our best.  There were 7 of us and he provided himself and another guide along with a driver/photographer.  After trading emails and a few phone conversations, he understood that we were looking for a very special cycling experience that needed to accommodate 2 different groups.  One group was all about a challenging and memorable biking experience, while the other was more about touring, sight-seeing and cafes (although he would find out that the first group also enjoyed a hot cortado).  He worked with us to customize daily rides for each group that also allowed the two groups to meet for lunch or a break along the way.  He guided us from town to town including mountain top climbs with fantastic vistas and wonderful passages along the Mediterranean Coast.  We ended each day at a top notch hotel with a planned dinner, followed by a nice breakfast the next morning.  This approach worked out very well since we were able to experience a new location each day without the hassle of trying to find restaurants to accommodate us after a full day of riding.  Always keeping our requests at the top of his mind.   His knowledge of the area and understanding of our needs allowed him to adapt each day’s ride to the current conditions of both the weather and the riders.  We all agreed that we would definitely use Montefusco Cycling again and depending on his flexibility see if he will travel to our next bike trip.  Thanks Claudio!"

Cycling in Montserrat with Montefusco Cycling
Cycling in Montserrat
"Claudio, who runs the business, came highly recommended by a friend. She had done a cycling tour with him and said he´d take care of me.
She was right.
I emailed Claudio and told him how I had 6 days off work (I live in London at the moment), and wanted to come down to Spain for some cycling. I had no other plans.
Not only did Claudio email me back almost immediately but he had recommendations on where to stay, where to visit and which rides I should do. He organised my bike rental for me and a guide for the days I wanted to ride but he couldn´t.
All the rides were fantastic. They were with either Pablo or Claudio himself, and only us two. None were group rides. They quickly discovered the pace I could ride at. I´m training for sporting events at the moment. I wanted it fast enough to be worthwhile training, but not so fast I didn´t enjoy myself!
Claudio discovered I liked to do racing events. So he even helped organise my entry for a local duathlon event that I raced whilst here. Such great fun!
Many local cyclists recognised my guides on rides. They are well known within the cycling community here.
After the rides we would go somewhere only the locals know. Very cheap Catalan food at very very good prices. I can´t thank Claudio (and Pablo) enough for the experience I had here.
I thoroughy thoroughly recommend his services (whether simply bike rental, or tour guides) to anyone coming to Barcelona. He is about service to the individual above all else. Thanks Claudio! "

Friday, March 13, 2015

Private cycling tours in Costa Brava

Cycling Costa Brava with Montefusco Cycling
Amazing road beside the sea. Picture: Sergi Ros
Cycling in Costa Brava is one of the best experiences you can live upon your bike.
Amazing roads, sunny, beside the sea. Solitaire roads in spite of being close to big touristic destinations as Lloret de Mar or Platja d'Aro. Road from Tossa de Mar to Sant Feliu de Guixols should not be missed by anyone who loves cycling.

Montefusco Cycling is offering you the possibility of cycling there in a private cycling tour. Even if you are staying in Barcelona, this is close enough to get there in just one hour. In our tours we include bike rental, cycling guide and even transportation if needed.
More information:!day-trips/cz6u

Some comments of our customers:
"With a free Sunday after a family vacation in Barcelona, Claudio led me one of the best and most scenic rides of my life along the Costa Brava. The Tossa de Mar to Sant Feliu section (described on his website/blog) is not to be missed. Incredible day - rollers, good climbs, and that beautiful stretch along the coast - all wrapped up by mid-afternoon."
Cycling Costa Brava with Montefusco Cycling
Enjoy cycling! Picture: Sergi Ros

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Orbea, we trust

Orbea bicycles in Montefusco Cycling
Some of our Orbea bikes
One of the bike brands we trust is Orbea. We have many bikes of them and we are really satisfied.
Orbea is a basque brand. Was created in 1840! A history of over 175 years.
Orbea Hermanos was created in Eibar as a gun factory 1840. Founders were brothers Orbea: Juan Manual, Mateo, Casimiro and Petra Orbea Murúa. By 1906 had 406 workers and exported 90% of production. About to begin Civil war in Spain, slowly, beside producing guns, the factory began to produce also bicycles.

At the end of the civil war, Orbea was producing over 50,000 bikes per year, but by middle sixties demand of bicycles went down. In 1969, with 1.500 workers, the factory gets the lowest point and is about to close. The only way of surviving was creating a Cooperative, so the workers could keep the factory... and their jobs.

Pedro Delgado (Orbea Gin MG)
Perico Delgado, the legend
One of the brightest moments in Orbea history was the sponsorship of pro team Orbea-Gin MG, in  middle eighties, with Perico Delgado winning Vuelta a España in 1985 and doing great Tour de France performances. By that time, Orbea's strategy was linked to pro competition. Lately, Orbea also sponsored and provided racing bikes to Euskaltel Euskadi pro Team.

Nowadays Orbea has three factories, the main one in Mallabia (Basque Country) with 180 workers, another one in Portugal and third one in China, both with 50 workers. Factory in China is selling to growing american and asian market.

In Montefusco Cycling we like Orbea bikes and many of our rental bikes are bought to this factory. Orbea, we trust.