Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Road Bike rental in Barcelona for Triathlon competitions

If you are going to participate in a duathlon or a triathlon in Barcelona, Calella or nearby, and you come from abroad, no need to send your bike by plane, avoid costs and troubles by renting your carbon road bike in Montefusco Cycling.
We will deliver a carbon road bike at your hotel and you won't have to trouble of anythinig except the competition. We can provide the bikes with the pedal system you need and if it is a flat stage we can also put some armrest to increase your aerodynamic. The best prices in road bike rental in Barcelona.

The options in Barcelona and Catalunya to race are many. You need to select one of the many options you will find.

Here we mention the most popular triathlons in Catalonia:
Garmin Barcelona Triathlon, Barcelona 5/10/2014
Triatlo de la Vila, Barcelona 13/7/2014
Half Ironman Challenge Calella 18/5/2014
Ironman Challenge Calella 5/10/2014

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