Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The best bikeshops in Barcelona

If you visit Barcelona and you are into Cycling this might interest you.

You will probably wonder ¿which are the best bikeshops in Barcelona? This is an opinion, everyone may have diffentent choices. I don't mean the best mechanic or the most accurated recommendations. I mean the kind of bike stuff you like to watch and buy when you are abroad.

Let me suggest my favourites:
- Tomas Domingo, Roger de Lluria 115, website http://www.tomasdomingo.com/
Probably the largest bikeshop in Barcelona. It was opened in 1948 (in a different location, though), so they know a bit about bicycles!
Bikeshops in Barcelona
Tomas Domingo, the bike house

- Probike Viladomat 310, website http://www.probike.com/
Also very large bikeshop in the city center.

- Orbea Campus Barcelona, Consell de Cent 321, website http://www.orbeacampusbcn.com/
Orbea is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in Spain (together with BH, both are basque brands) and has a very centric, recently opened, concept store in Barcelona. Open from monday to saturday 10,00-20,30.
Orbea Campus BCN concept store

And then, once you have the cool clothing you were looking for, you are ready to rent a carbon bike and go out for a ride. Cycling in Barcelona is just amazing!