Catalonia's top 10 cycle climbs

In Montefusco Cycling we will help you to discover the best things to do with your bicycle. Would you like to know which ones are the best climbs in Catalonia? Here you have our particular list:

1) Montserrat is the most iconic climb of whole Catalonia. Incredible round shaped mountain, center of the catalan country. It is worth visiting it. Furthermore, getting to the top is steep. You will mix among the pilgrims visiting the black virgin, giving thanks to the virgin for any favour or asking her for some gifts.

Incredible views of the mountain (Photo: Sergi Ros de Mora)
2) Turó de l'Home. The king of the mountains in Catalonia. Near Barcelona, it is the highest point of Montseny mountain. Santa Fe, Coll Formic or Coll de Ravell are other climbs in the area, where you can enjoy incredible landscapes, but the king is Turo de l'Home. A real challenge. From Barcelona to the top of the mountain, 70 km. Return 70 more. Who dares?

Autumn is the recommended time to climb!

3) Rat Penat. This climb has been included in last years Vuelta Ciclista a España. Very hard climb, with some parts over 22%, although very irregular. Very hard, mediatic, and impressive views over the coast, as it is close to the sea, between Castelldefels and Sitges.

4) La Bonaigua. Long, nice climb. Over 2000 meters. The first road to be covered by snow in winter, and the last to be opened. Nearby there is another interesting climb, less known but it is worth to know: Llac de Sant Maurici.

5) Mare de Deu del Mont, Rocacorba and Els Angels. Three different climbs in the area of Girona, three usual climbs for pro riders living in Girona. Mare de Deu del Mont has spectacular views over Canigo mountain in Pyrenees, Rocacorba is very steep, just beside the very known Banyoles lake, where many triathlon take place. Finally, Santari dels Angels is the climb just beside Girona, not very steep but an ideal climb to test.

6) Mont Caro. Down south Tarragona, almost in Castelló, you can see Massis dels Ports. The highest point there is Mont Caro. It has been end of stage in several Volta a Catalunya, a truly Hors category.
Begining Mont Caro climb (Photo: Sergi Ros de Mora)
7) Rassos de Paguera, Coll de Pal, La Creueta. Three long, steep climbs in the center of Catalonia. Really challenging to get to the top. Coll de Pal 2104 mts, Rassos de Peguera 1.893 mts and Coll de la Creueta, 1.923 mts, About 2000 mts all of them.Vuelta a españa, Volta a Catalunya and the missing Setmana Catalana arrived up there several times.
Rassos de Peguera (Photo: Sergi Ros de Mora)
8) Coll de Cantó.Another pirenaic climb, long and steep. 1.725 meters high. A usual pass to get Andorra. Any of its sides is very hard, 19 and 24 km long.

9) Tibidabo and Montjuic, the hills in Barcelona. The first one gives an impressive overview upon the city. With its church iluminated at night and its amusement park above. It is the most classical climb for riders in Barcelona. Not that steep, but challenging anyway. Montjuic is the Olimpic mountain, where the Olimpic Stadium is. Short but steep, Montjuic was the place where were ridden the Cycling World Championships in 1973 (won by Felice Gimondi) and 1984 (won by Claude Criquielion). Cycling history was written there.

Tibidabo, "I will give you"
Olympic Stadium, Marathon entrance
10) Vallter 2000. Already Pyrenees. A long, steep climb from Setcases, you have to be very strong to get to the top. Maybe before arriving to Vallter 2000 you will have to climb another nice and steep climb nearby: Coll de Bracons.

The Gra de Fajol mountain, at the end (Photo: Sergi Ros de Mora).
It has not been easy to choose these climbs because we have plenty of them in Catalonia. Do you dare?


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