Friday, November 24, 2017

Barcelona Tourmalet 2018 edition

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
The top of Tourmalet!
This is an amazing cycling trip along the Pyrenees, from 2018 June 30th to July 6th.

The challenge is reaching the most famous climb in the cycling world (Col du Tourmalet) from one of the the most beautiful cities all over Europe, Barcelona. On the way, you will get to know some of the big climbs in the Pyrenees, reaching over 2000 mts. Port de la Bonaigua, Col du Portillon, Col de Peyresourde, Val Louron-Azet, etc.

Our trip includes 8 nights at cozy hotels in the Pyrenees (dinner included), 7 cycling stages, cycling guide, supporting van, luggage transportation... You don't have to worry about anything but cycling and enjoying the landscapes!

More information here:

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
The map for our 2018 Barcelona Tourmalet route
Now we have all the details for every stage. Here you have them:

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
Ending at Montseny mountains

Stage 1. From Barcelona to Montseny mountains. Our guide will help you to get out of Barcelona and you will start with some climbing close to Barcelona. The amazing hotel you will be sleeping  is located half way the first big climb of the trip. Nice, solitaire, amazing spot and views...

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
Lots of climbing today!
Stage 2. Montseny to Joanetes. Great stage, with the amazing Coll Formic (1145 mts) at the start, then the passage through the Sau reservoir and the tiny road (with no traffic at all) to Coll de Condreu and possibly the approach to Sanctuary del Far, with amazing views. End in a cozy farmhouse with swimming pool. You will be at mum's house.

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
Stage includes the amazing Coll de la Creueta!
Stage 3. Joanetes to Puigcerdà. This is a tough start with Coll de Canes and then a long approach to Coll de la Creueta, to almost 2000 mts, great climb! The descent via Collada de Toses is a real pleasure on a very wide road with stunning views. Puigcerdà is the main city in La Cerdanya region, a wealthy town very know for skiers and mountain lovers. We are in the border with France.

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
Coll de Cantó, highlight of the stage
Stage 4. From Puigcerdà to Rialp. The main climb of the day is Coll de Cantó, a true first category climb, with some very steep parts. On the other side, wide road, perfect surface, time to enjoy on the downhill and then sleep at Rialp.
Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
Do you want some more climbing? Then try Superbagneres
Stage 5. From Rialp to Bagneres de Luchon. This is really high mountain. Port de la Bonaigua is one of the classic climbs in the Pyrenees, reaching over 2000 mts. With a ski resort at the top, Bonaigua is the first road to be closed for snow in winter and the last one to be open in spring. Amazing lanscape. On arrival to Bagneres de Luchon, the strongest riders may climb to Superbagneres, a true hors category climb included in Tour de France several times.

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
3 first category climbs in just 90 km
Stage 6. From Bagneres de Luchon to Campan. The classic approach to Tourmalet would be climbing Peyresourde and Aspin. Our stage is a bit longer including Peyresourde, also Val Louron-Azet (the climb where Miguel Indurain started to win the 1991 Tour de France) and finally the very nice and solitaire Hourquette d'Ancizan instead of the more known Col d'Aspin.

Biketours in the Pyrenees, Barcelona-Tourmalet
More than a cycling stage, almost 3000 mts elevation
Stage 7. Campan to Col du Tourmalet. Today is about enjoying Tourmalet. The idea is you to climb from both sides. Climb from Sta Marie de Campan, descent to Luz St Sauveur and then climbing again from that side (ideally the old road via Fignon). The main thing is enjoying the bar and the souvenir shop at the top. If weather conditions are poor then climbing from Sta Marie de Campan will be enough!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gravel bikes to rent in Barcelona

Gravel bikes to rent in Barcelona
Gravel bikes to rent in Barcelona
We are sure that gravel bikes (same as ebikes!) have a great future ahead.
A gravel bike opens a wide range of paths and loops which you cannot reach with a conventional road bike.
Thicker tyres, disc breaks, those are the main differences between a road bike and a gravel bike (cyclocross bike in fact). But also having the road bike handlebar and the same kind of shifting.
We have already available some Specialized Diverge E5 Sport (model 2018) for our customers, ready to roll and ready to offer you some new experiences!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Transpyrenees, such an amazing trip!

Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling
Tourmalet, the highlight of any trip!
This is one of the most classic trips in cycling world.
From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea in 11 stages along the main climbs all over the Pyrenees.
This is a sample tour, we can fully customize the tour according to your needs.

Day 1: Departure
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling

Barcelona-Vic. About 100 km to get out of Barcelona taking the bike lane beside river Besos, and afterwards leading to Montseny area, where you will climb the nicest col in the area: Coll Formic. Solitaire road, great views, ideal for cycling. The first big mountain of the trip at 1145 mts.

Day 2
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling
Vic-Puigcerdà. Today you will climb a precious col, not very known, although Volta a Catalunya pro race has been there several times. Coll de la Creueta, an espectacular mountain road with great views. Arrival to Puigcerdà, capital of Cerdanya area. We are already in the Pyrenees..

Day 3
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling

Puigcerdà-Valencia d’Aneu. Long stage, about 130 km, including Coll de Cantó, a tough climb, but once at the top, the main difficulties are done. Once in the valley you will cross Sort town (translation: “Luck”). Maybe it is worth stopping to buy some lottery?

Day 4
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling

Valencia d’Aneu-Bagneres de Luchon. No warm up and already a big climb: Port de la Bonaigua, over 2000 mts, a big one! Once in the valley (Vall d’Aran) we will enter France via Col du Portillon, a short but steep climb. Arruving to Bagneres de Luchon, the strongest will climb to Superbagneres, a nlong and steep climb included several times in Tour de France.

Day 5 
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling

Bagneres de Luchon-Campan, 123 km. Col de Peyresourde (including the famous crep restaurant at the top!) and Col d’Aspin are the difficulties of the trip. For die hard guys we include Port de Bales at the start of the stage. One of the toughest climbs all over the Pyrenees!

Day 6

Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling
Campan-Tourmalet-Aubisque-Bielle. 111 km including Col du Tourmalet and Col d’Aubisque. Those are capital letters. This stage is worth the whole trip. Cycling history has been written on these roads!

Day 7
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling

Bielle-Saint Jean de Pied de Port. The trip is not over! This stage is even harder than yesterday! After Col du Marie Blanque (optional), you will have to climb Pierre St Martin (from Arette), and then Chalet d’Iraty and Burdinkurutxeta, to get to St Jean du Pied de Port, end of the stage.
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling
Bagargi, stunning views!

Day 8:
Transpyrenees roadcycling tour with Montefusco Cycling

Saint Jean de Pied de Port-San Sebastian. The last stage includes still 3 climbs. The last one if the famous Jaizkibel, included every year in Clasica San Sebastián in August. Fantastic views from the top, and then just the final descent to San Sebastián!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Catalonia long week end breakaway

Road cycling in Catalonia
Map of a sample tour
If your group doesn't have much time, we will help you to have the most of your time. You just need 4 days and 3 nights to enjoy cycling in Catalonia. We will take yout to the nicest roads, and also the kind of routes you would like (ergarding distance, etc.). You don't have to worry about the bike (we will provide some), nor the routes (we will design the best stages), nor the hotels (we will book the best hotels for you) nor the food (we will provide lunch in our supporting van). Here you have a sample tour:

Bike lane from L'Escala to Sant Pere Pescador
Bike lane from L'Escala to Sant Pere Pescador
Day 1: Arrival to Girona airport. Caldes de Malavella-L’Escala 80 km.
We will pick you up at Girona airport and transport to starting point, to have a quick breakfast, will do bike setup and start first stage, including about 80 km with some climbing. Few miles after the start begins the climb of the day, a beautiful, solitaire and not very steep climb named Santa Pellaia. After the descent towards La Bisbal we will cycle through not very crowded roads, and then a stop in Peretallada is worth. Old and touristic town, cars are not allowed and lots of restaurants and shops welcome the tourists. After Peretallada we will continue through Torroella de Montgrí till L’Escala..
Arrival to the nice L’Escala, coastal town to enjoy a nice hotel by the sea.

Day 2  L’Escala Figueres 95 km 
L’Escala-Figueres 95 km including the climb from Roses to Alt de Perafita and stop in Cadaqués, where genious Salvador Dalí lived. And also the steep climb to the Monestry of San Pere de Rodes. Nice aerial views from there to Port de la Seva and Costa Brava. This area maybe windy, with the so named, tramuntana wind, very strong if it blows. Figueres is a must, with the Museum dedicated to Salvador Dalí.

Road Cycling in Catalonia
Amazing views from Mare de Deu del Mont
Day 3 Figueres-Olot 110 km
The first climb is the toughest all over the trip. Mare de Deu del Mont, at 1100 mts. In my opinion much nicer than the much more known Rocacorba (nearby). Very steep parts and incredible views from the top to the Canigou peak, the highest in the Eastern Pyrenees. Once gain in the valley the stage continues to Banyoles (worth a stop for lunch/coffee) and then to Mieres and the Vulcano de Santa Margarida, as Olot is the main town of the vulcanic La Garrotxa region.

Day 4 Olot-Olot 90 km. Transportation to airport.
If you thought that the main part of the trip was done, you failed. Last stage includes the very tough and beautiful Coll de Bracons, and the even nicer Coll de Condreu and El Far. El Far is the perfect ending for a trip in Catalonia. Unbeatable views.
We will be able to have a shower and be transported to the airport (Barcelona or Girona)