Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The toughest cycling climbs in the Pyrenees

Cycling Pyrenees Montefusco Cycling Envalira
Port d'Envalira, the highest asphalted climb in the Pyrenees!!
It is very difficult to make a ranking of the most demanding cycling climbs in the Pyrenees. Some days ago was unveiled the Tour de France 2018 route and one of the new climbs included is Col du Portet, said to be the new Tourmalet by the TdF director, not a joke... Still to be asphalted the last part (so far it is just asphalted to Pla d'Adet, at 1680 mts) this new climb will have real big numbers, and will deserve to be among the king climbs in the Pyrenees.
Cycling Pyrenees Montefusco Cycling
Col de Portet, the novelty for Tdf 2018

If you are interested to know the best climbs all over the Pyrenees there are a couple of lists you should know.
Cycling Pyrenees Montefusco Cycling Tourmalet
Col de Tourmalet, the king
Highest cycling climbs in the Pyrenees (asfalted):
Port d'Envalira (Andorra/France): 2407 mts height
Port de Cabus (Andorra, just one side) 2300 mts height
Gavarnie-Boucharo (Luz St Sauveur-France) 2270 mts height
Col de Portet (St Lary Soulan-France) 2215 mts height
Cim de Coma Morera (Bourg Madame) 2205 mts height
Cycling Pyrenees Montefusco Cycling
Pierre St Martin, such a climb!
Cycling climbs with more elevation in the Pyrenees:
Port d'Envalira 1687 mts elevation (from Ax les Thermes)
Col de Pailheres 1601 mts elevation (from Axat)
Gavarnie-Boucharo 1560 mts elevation (from Luz St Sauveur)
Pierre St Martin 1510 mts elevation (from Arette)
Col du Tourmalet 1405 mts elevation (from Luz St Sauveur)
Col de Portet 1400 mts elevation (from St Lary Soulan)

Cycling Pyrenees Montefusco Cycling
Great climb to Col de Burdinkurutxeta!
Cycling climbs with the highest average gradient in the Pyrenees:
Erroymendi (from Laugibar) 9,58% for 10,2 km
Burdinkurutxeta (from Bassaburua) 8,76% for 9,3 km
Col de Mente (from St Beat) 8,70% km for 9,7 km
Artzamendi (from Itxassou) 8,61% for 10,3 km

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