Monday, March 23, 2020

Sant Hilari Sacalm, 4 different sides to climb

Girona cycling climbs
Amazing climb to Sant Hilari from Osor
When in Girona for Cycling, Sant Hilari Sacalm is one of our favourite rides.
Sant Hilari Sacalm is also called the town of 100 fountains and it is obviously a town linked to water, as there are also several water bottling plants.
It is located at 786 mts height.

Girona cycling climbs
In this map you can see all 4 sides suggested
There are several sides:

- 1) From Girona the most popular starting point is Anglès. Amazing 25 km long climb crossing the small village Osor. A little variation is climbing from Pantà de Susqueda and getting the same road at Osor. The original 25 km climb from Anglès is one of the highlights of cycling in Girona, no doubt, both for the beauty of the road into the forest and also the totally lack of any traffic. Amazing.+
Girona cycling climbs
Big brigdes crssing road C-25
- 2) Also from Girona you could start the climb at Santa Coloma de Farners. This solitaire road is a very usual way to close the gap to Girona when you have climbed from Anglès. The loop is around 100 km long.
Girona cycling climbs
Coll de Revell, interesting solitaire road
- 3) Third side is a little different, as it starts at Arbucies and goes along Coll de Revell. Once at the top of Coll de Revell (821 mts) the road goes on on a mild 5 km climb to Els Cortals, and then you get Sant Hilari Sacalm

- 4) Fourth side from Arbúcies is possibly the least charming, as it is a busier and wider road wich goes close to the main C-25 road. Busier, wider and also a little steeper, it is a good option to take on the way down as it is a faster way to descend.