Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Orbea Gain, the ebike you were waiting for

Orbea Gain to rent in Barcelona
Does it look like an ebike? NO
The evolution of ebikes has been slow but steady. Mountain biking took some advantadge over roadcycling regarding ebikes, but finally the time arrived to have road ebikes looking like roadbikes, simple as that.

Orbea Gain ebikes in Barcelona
The place to plug and charge batteries, beside the bottom bracket
Orbea has been of the brands ahead of the cycling market, as regards road ebikes.
This new Orbea Gain looks nice.
There are several models, aluminium and carbon frames, and Sram and Shimano groupsets.
Models are:
Orbea Gain ebikes in Barcelona
Not big screens, not much information: green, yellow, red
D50 I9 aluminium Shimano Claris
D31 Aluminium Sram Rival
D21 Aluminium Sram Force
M21 Carbon Sram Force

One of the key things for an ebike is autonomy. And again the Orbea Gain is a winner. Autonomy will depend on the user needs, but batteries can last easily 80 km in an average use. For longer rides it is very easy to plug the bike during lunch time.

The working is as simple as charging during the evening (4-5 hours, until de light turns green), and it is recommended not to leave the batteries plugged all night long.

To turn on/off the bike there is one only button on the top tube of the frame. This button is on green when batteries are charged and by clicking it you can get more or less help. Gradually, after hours of use, button will turn yellow and finally red.

All in  all, a very good option for those needing some extra watss!

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