Monday, June 24, 2019

Bikefriendly hotels in Montseny (Barcelona)

Bikefriendly hotels in Montseny mountains (Barcelona)
Xalet de la Coromina, one of our favourite hotels in Montseny
Montseny mountains is one of the favourite destinations for cyclists living in Barcelona, and also for many cyclists living in Girona. Montseny mountains are half way both catalan towns.

Possibly the most important destination in Montseny mountains is Viladrau. This small mountain town is famous for so different things as water, chestnuts, firs and witches. You will have to discover more about them once you arrive here.

No need to say that roadcycling around Montseny mountains is simply amazing. Specially on working days traffic is very scarce, a real paradise for cyclists, with roads in very good conditions. Long ascents and endless descents to enjoy in the woods. The climbs to Coll Formic, Santa Fe del Montseny, Coll de Santa Helena or Turo de l'Home are the usual destination points for local cyclists.

Hopefully, there is not a large hotel infrastructure in Montseny. On the other side, there are just a few hotels in Montseny, as it is close enough to Barcelona to do a daytrip and be back to Barcelona very easily. Nevertheless, Montseny range of mountains is big enough to enjoy seven or ten days in the mountains cycling, hiking, enjoying the local food and the local culture. Even if Montseny is pretty all year long possibly Autumn in the best month to visit with amazing colors in the woods.

In our list of favourite hotels I have to mention Xalet La Coromina in Viladrau and Hotel Sant Bernat in the middle of the climb to Coll Formic, amazing spot. Both of them bikefriendly and with great food.

Montseny is, no doubt, one of the hidden gems for cyclists in Catalonia.

Bikefriendly hotels in Montseny mountains (Barcelona)
Hotel Sant Bernat, another of the best options